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Insect-based Processing of Biodegradable Waste
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Welcome to DipTerra! We provide consulting services (see our Q&A'sBlog and Products & Services) in using BSF (Black Soldier Fly) larvae in getting you up and running in processing food scrap waste including scale up designs for industrial production of BSF. Processing food scrap waste using BSF is an eco-friendly, low energy and cost effective alternative method of recycling biodegradable wastes. Liquid byproduct recovered during the recycling process can also be used to improve the ecology and nutrient quality of soils.

Working with BSF provides you with an opportunity to check off the garbage pick-up grid. Pay yourself with savings realized by eliminating garbage pick-up fees (see Recycle Food Scrap at Home & Save Big)!  You can also explore how to enhance and improve the quality of your garden (see Soldier Fly Food Scrap Leachate | A Treasure Trove Amended in Soil). 

BSF are harmless, non-pest insects. They do not spread diseases, prefer to live and thrive outdoors, and have been silently recycling organic wastes outdoors for thousands of years - true experts in the art of recycling! 

BSF harvested from food scrap waste are an excellent source of high quality protein feedstock devoured by many birds including domesticated chickens, amphibians and reptiles, and farmed fish such as tilapia, trout and catfish.

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Image of mating Black Soldier Flies.
Adult BSF laying eggs in insect nursery.​
Newly hatched adult Black Soldier flies emerging from their pupae shells.
Image of Black Soldier fly larvae  recycling decaying food scrap waste into insect biomass.
Chickens enjoying Black Soldier fly prepupae harvested from food scrap waste.
Growth of winter wheat untreated (left) and treated (right) with leachate from food scrap processed by Black Soldier fly larvae.

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