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Insect-based Processing of Biodegradable Waste
​Dr. Terry Green works in the area of insect-mediated processing of biodegradable wastes. Between the Spring of 2009 through the late Fall of 2012, Dr. Green collaborated in an in-depth joint research effort in Portland, Oregon, with Dr. Radu Popa, a microbiologist and ecologist, researching the biochemical, microbial and insect-mediated turnover of decaying organic wastes of which both researchers share a common interest. 

While working with BSF (Black Soldier Flies), Dr. Green coined the name, DipTerra (see blog post, About the Name DipTerra) and in the Fall of 2012, founded DipTerra LLC, as a business in the State of Oregon. DipTerra LLC is dedicated to advancing practical and scientific knowledge regarding the discovery and implementation of beneficial ways of working with BSF concerning:

  • novel residential and commercial applications relating to BSF (Hermetia illucens)  mediated recycling of biodegradable wastes;
  • products realized from this practice;
  • construction and utilization of insect nurseries optimized for year round propagation of BSF; and
  • technologies relating to industrial farming and production of  larvae used for supplementing animal feedstock and ecological enhancement of the environment.  

Dr. Green has over 30 years experience in academia and business affairs. He obtained his undergraduate education at the University of Washington in organic chemistry, his Ph.D. in biochemistry at Oregon State University, conducted research in a wide range of fields at a number of well-known academic institutions including Washington State University, UCLA, and Harvard, taught and conducted research at Oregon Health Sciences University and also served as Director of Clinical Chemistry and Toxicology in the Department of Clinical Pathology, School of Medicine, for several years before branching into business in 1998. He is board certified in Clinical Chemistry and remains active in research and business activities relating to sustainable processing of biomaterials.

To learn more about BSF and what they can do in helping you recycle more efficiently and sustainably, visit our Q&A's,  Products & ServicesPublications,  Forums, or Blog website pages. You can also link up to our RSS feed to stay current and informed on new findings. 

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