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Insect-based Processing of Biodegradable Waste
This e-book describes applications with the Black Soldier Fly (BSF), the economical potential of BSF, methods for processing manure and food waste with BSF larvae, the use of BSF larvae in recycling fecal sludge and sewage, the basic principles of  the processing of food waste with BSF, the recycling of other liquid wastes, BSF-based composting and BSF farming. 

The e-book is available in pdf format and will be sent by email to the address specified in your order. All sales are final. 

​Black Soldier flies are insects common in temperate, subtropical and tropical regions of the world. Their larvae feed off of decaying matter and are extremely efficient in recycling yard waste and food scrap. They are very useful in backyard gardening, fish farms and poultry farms in converting organic waste into fertilizers (for fields, potted plants and hydroponics) and biomass (for animal feedstock and in producing biodiesel). 

Black Soldier Fly biotechnologies are sustainable, eco-friendly, low odor, low energy and low cost alternatives to conventional methods of processing waste. Unlike common houseflies, Black Soldier flies do not spread diseases. This, in combination with their fast growth rate, makes them very attractive for controlled processing of organic waste.  

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BSF (Black Soldier Fly) Applications