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Insect-based Processing of Biodegradable Waste
This e-Book provides detailed information and instructions on how to build at a cost of less than $30, and operate, a Black Soldier fly (BSF, Hermetia illucens) Food Scrap Recycler from materials easily obtained at most hardware and big box retail stores. BSF larvae consume food scrap waste on a mass basis roughly equivalent to that of their own weight each day. They process food scrap at a rate of approximately 1.5 to 2 lbs (~1 Kg) day per square ft (0.1 square meter). The liquid (leachate) fraction recovered from the Recycler can also be returned to the soil to enrich its nutrient value, improving the growth and health of your garden plants.

Additional e-books by DipTerra are: Propagation of Black Soldier Fly Larvae in NurseriesBlack Soldier Fly Applications; and Biology and Ecology of the Black Soldier Fly


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Building Your Own BSF (Black Soldier Fly) Food Scrap Recycler