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Insect-based Processing of Biodegradable Waste
Commercial and Industrial Consulting Services 

Includes Nondisclosure Agreement and standard consulting fee of $100 per hour (minimum one hour, excluding travel) covering:

  • Help in the design and layout of a BSF production site including information on how to scale up propagation of larvae, seeding larvae into waste feed stock, management of waste byproducts, etc. 

  • Preparation, maintenance, monitoring and oversight of waste feed stock in sustaining continuous healthy growth and harvest of larvae.

  • Application techniques for harvesting larvae and waste byproducts of potential commercial value including larvae destined for use as fish and poultry feed stock.

  • Integrating BSF into biodegradable waste streams in composting and vermi-composting operations leading to production of organic fertilizers and soil amendments.

  • Troubleshooting help in resolving problems associated with BSF colony collapse or associated problems in maintaining a healthy colony.
BSF Pre-pupae & Pupae | Free Shipping in US/Not Available Outside US                                                    - $2o.00 TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK

Shipped by USPS priority mail. Let BSF take over the composting job in food scrap and composting bins. Place prepupae/pupae near your bin or pile. Free yourself from the heavy work of aerating and turning over decaying waste. Adult male and femaleBSF emerge from their puparia and mate. Females seek out decaying waste where they typically lay upwards of 400+ eggs. Larvae hatching from the eggs assimilate nutrients in the waste into insect biomass while accelerating its decomposition. Sale is per 100 g lots, approx. 500 per lot. 
Food Scrap Recycler |Free shipping in US only/ Not Available Outside US
                                                      - $90.00

This BSF food scrap Recycler is made from solid plastic double lid bins (22"L x 15"W x 12.5"H) with predrilled access ports for adult BSF to enter and exit, a fully assembled drain system, and wire mesh secured over the port access holes to discourage rats from seeking food scrap placed inside the Recycler.  A printed copy of our DipTerra LLC eBook, Building Your Own Black Soldier Fly Food Scrap Recycler, with instructions included on its operation is included with the unit. 

Use outdoors for recycling household food scrap, or to grow and harvest Black Soldier fly larvae as a herp, poultry or fish feed supplement, while converting your food scrap into nutrient-rich fertilizer for lawns and gardens. This unit colonized with BSF will process 2-6 lb (1-3 kg) of food waste per day. Our BSF food scrap Recycler ships out within the US by FedEx ground. On average it takes about a week from the shipping date for the unit to arrive at its destination.
Image of BSF prepupae/pupae
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DipTerra e-Books   - $20.00 

A description of each e-Book's content can be accessed by moving your mouse over the e-Book of interest and clicking once. To purchase an e-Book, click on the "Add to Shopping Cart" button and follow the instructions in check-out. We will transmit e-Books selected as pdf file attachments to the email address you specify in your order where they can then be downloaded and saved to your computer for your own personal use. 
$20 100g (~350 to 500 pupae)
Image of DipTerra LLC BSF food scrap Recycler and lid with access holes for adult BSF entering and exiting Recycler.
Image of basic parts of drain system used in assembly of DipTerra LLC BSF food scrap Recycler.
Image of interior of DipTerra LLC BSF food scrap Recycler with drain system in place ready for use.
Image of DipTerra LLC BSF food scrap Recycler with larvae processing food scrap added to Recycler.

BSF (Black Soldier Fly) | Products & Services

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BSF Propagation Nursery Enclosure Kit | Free Shipping within the US 
                                                                         - $220

This Black Soldier Fly (BSF) propagation nursery unit is designed for propagating newly hatched BSF larvae and containment of mating adult BSF emerging from their puparia, and the harvesting of larval eggs, within an enclosed space in farming BSF. The structural enclosure is fabricated out of 1" pre-cut PVC pipe and fittings which on assembly form a rectangular enclosure [~78" (198 cm) L x ~55" (140 cm) H x ~29" (74 cm] over which a rectangular mosquito net is draped which contains mating BSF adults emerging from prepupae/pupae placed inside the enclosure. Two BSF egg laying/larval hatching units fabricated from Sterilite 6 qt (~5.7 L) rectangular PP plastic boxes are included with the kit in addition to an analog thermometer (readout in Fahrenheit and Celsius) and relative humidity sensor. The unit can be assembled in a few minutes with easy to follow setup instructions.

BSF egg laying/larval hatching boxes can be moved in and out of the enclosure by simply lifting up the net enclosure and allowing it to fall back to the ground after placing the boxes inside the enclosure. The enclosure is designed to stand on a large table or counter top exceeding its rectangular dimensions at its base. Alternatively, it can be placed on a flat floor or outdoors on the ground so long as the net is left to freely to the base of the enclosure in blocking off adult BSF from escaping the enclosure. 

The holes in the lids of the egg laying/hatching boxes serve as entry routes for adult females to crawl through in depositing their egg clutches. A small layer of food scrap, wetted wheat bran or other organic waste (not supplied) is placed inside the egg laying/larval hatching boxes as a means of drawing adult female BSF to the boxes. Eggs deposited in and around the boxes can either be harvested or left to hatch within a few days. Young larvae emerging from the eggs growing on waste placed inside as an attractant can be transferred to larger recycling bins or troughs used in farming larvae.

Prepupae (not supplied with this item) can also be placed inside one of the egg laying/larval hatching boxes. The lid snapped in place blocks prepupae from crawling out of the box. Adults emerging from their puparia however easily climb out and fly free of the unit into the open spaces of the enclosure and subsequently mate inside the net enclosure.

FREE SHIPPING within the United States. Buyers outside the US are responsible in covering all shipping, custom and/or value added taxes incurred in shipping this item outside the US.
Image of DipTerra LLC BSF Propagation Nursery Enclosure Kit assembled with mosquito netting draped over structural unit, egg-laying hatching units and thermometer/humidity sensor units.
Image of mosquito netting in the process of being draped over DipTerra LLC BSF Propagation Nursery Kit structural frame.
Image of two DipTerra LLC BSF egg-laying/larval hatching units supplied with Propagation Nursery Enclosure Kit, and analog thermometer/humidity sensor.
Image of DipTerra LLC egg-laying/larval hatching box being used to house BSF prepupae/pupae with lid set aside for view inside box. Adults emerging from puparia fly free and mate within enclosure kit.
Image of DipTerra LLC BSF egg-laying/larval hatching box baited with wetted decaying wheat bran used to attract mating adult BSF. Females deposit eggs inside box which hatch into young larvae.
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