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Insect-based Processing of Biodegradable Waste
Green, T.R. and R. Popa (2012), Enhanced Ammonia Content in Compost Leachate Processed by Black Soldier Fly LarvaeAppl. Biochem. Biotechnol. 166 (6): 1381-1387.
Popa, R. and T.R. Green (2012), Using Black Soldier Fly larvae for Processing Organic LeachatesJ. Economic Entomology 105(2):374-378.
Scott Olsen 
Owner: New Earth Farm, Hillsboro, Oregon

"A New Earth through Renewed Soil." Scott Olsen, owner New Earth Farm specializes in vermiculture, vermicompost, and Bokashi fermentation. We also partner with Abundant Harvest CSA to offer sustainably grown produce to our community.A New Earth through Renewed Soil." 
Dr. Lawrence Green
Bokashi Fermenting Systems 
Bokashicycle LLC
375 North Stephanie St. Suite 1411
Henderson, NV 89014-8909

R&D collaborative studies and test work on processing outcomes using leachates derived from fermentation of vegetal and food scrap waste materials.
Alattar, M.A., Green, T.R., Gulca, H.J., Tizazu, M., Bergstrom, R. and R. Popa (2012). Effect of Microaerobic Fermentation in Preprocessing Fibrous Lignocellulosic Materials. Appl. Biochem. Biotechnol. 167(4):909-17.
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Cassandra Profita (2012), Using Soldier Flies To Compost Food Scraps.
Green, T.R., and R. Popa (2011), Turnover of Carbohydrate-Rich Vegetal Matter During Microaerobic composting and After Amendment in Soil. Appl. Biochem. Biotechnol. 165(1): 270-8.

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Black Soldier Fly industry: more enthusiasm than scientific know-how? Interview with Dr. Terry Green, founder of DipTerra (2016) L'Ento Mofa Go,  http://www.entomofago.eu/en/2016/07/04/industria-delle-mosche-nere-soldato-piu-entusiasmo-che-know-how-scientifico/