The Life of a Black Soldier Fly | A Children's book | Fleeting Moments? : The Life and Times of BSF (Black Soldier Flies)
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The Life of a Black Soldier Fly | A Children's book | Fleeting Moments?

by Terry Green on 11/15/12

We received this beautiful tribute to Nature, Life, Musings and the Black Soldier Fly from David Kayfes of Eugene, Oregon, a big fan of the Black Soldier Fly.

Here is to all who turn an eye to Nature, smile, and take in the quiet yet wonderful things happening before us if we only take the time to look. Our special thanks to David for sharing his journal notes with us. David writes,

"From my morning journaling,” (copyright (c) 2012, David Kayfes all rights reserved)

"My brain feels like a playground at 3 a.m. - full of loud screams for attention and drama, laughter, and chatter. The happiest of times, yet also moments of caution and alarm.  A children's book on a black soldier fly larvae? The bulbous antennae, the bulging eyes, the jet- black body. Slow, curious, lethargic, lovable, vulnerable.

Only a couple days to live; no mouth to eat, no stinger to fight, no hair to transmit disease. Where is his joy?  Life so fleeting, what does he have to look forward to? A female with the blue stripe under her belly? Dreams of a cluster of thousands of eggs for a new generation of larvae? People don't understand. Most likely, the fly doesn't either.

There may be something in his nature that says he has a place.  If a wasp consumes him, he has fed a wasp. If he dies prematurely and decays, he has fed the soil. Oh, sweet, docile creature, you seem so calm. No violent movement, nor apparent fear. I observe you alone on the freezer door - passive for hours and you have so little time.  Don't you want to hurry? Shouldn't you? No, that's for me to do. To stir the broth of your story. To create something. You go ahead and take your time.

So peaceful. Too bad the world can't be like you, or maybe it is and we just don't stop to see it. You are a strange life to my eye. A strange speck. I smile and appreciate your existence."

image of Black Soldier fly resting on thumbnail

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