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Black Soldier Fly (BSF) Applications | Recycling Food Scrap Waste

  1. New adult black soldier flies (bsf) emerging and crawling free of their brown puparia shells about to fly off and mate
  2. Image showing winter wheat treated with bsfl processed food scrap leachate increases growth of plant by about 15 to 20%
Welcome to DipTerra! We provide consulting services (see our Q&A's , Blogs and Products & Services ) regarding using Black Soldier Fly larvae (BSF) in getting you up and running in processing food scrap waste (including scale up operations for commercial  production of BSF).

BSF are harmless, non-pest outdoor insects that have been silently recycling organic wastes outdoors for thousands of years - true experts in the art of recycling! BSF growing off food scrap are an excellent source of high quality protein (see Black Soldier Fly Processing of Biodegradable Wastes and Black Soldier Fly Larvae | An Earth Friendly Feedstock? ).

In the wild they are sought out and devoured by many birds, amphibians, herps and other animals. They can also be formulated into  animal feedstocks used in farming fish such as tilapia, catfish, and salmonids in addition to domesticated chickens, quail, ducks and other poultry livestock.

Working with BSF is one way home gardners and farmers can check off the garbage pick-up grid. Pay yourself with savings realized by eliminating garbage pick-up fees (see Recycle Food Scrap at Home & Save Big )! 

Potentially valuable byproducts isolated from food scrap waste processed by BSF, including the discovery of new and novel antibiotics generated while farming BSF off food scrap waste, and applications concerning the use of the spent waste in soil remediation work, may also through further research become an additional income generating source associated with processing food scrap waste with BSFL (see On the Economics of Farming BSF | Thinking Outside the Box and BSF Foodborne Safety Guidelines | Not Yet There as of 2019 ). 

In addition, the leachate and spent waste fractions recovered from BSF processed food scrap, recycled back into soil,  both appear to be of notable agricultural value in improving soil quality while also enhancing the growth of plants (see Soldier Fly Food Scrap Leachate | A Treasure Trove Amended in Soil , Recycling Biodegradable Wastes? | Take Your Cue from Mother Nature and BSF Processed Food Scrap Leachate | New Insights ).

DipTerra's primary goal in publishing information on the management and farming of BSF grown off food scrap waste is to promote scientifically credible, practical and environmentally earth-friendly methods of recycling wastes as a means of maximizing the bioconversion of decaying wastes into useful end products.  We welcome readers interested in adding their own findings, and those having questions regarding the farming and management of BSF biotechnology, to contact us directly with their comments or questions, or, alternatively, to share their thoughts in the "comments" section that follows our published Blogs

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