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Black Soldier Fly (BSF) Pictures, People, Places and Comments

  1. newborn creamy white colored bsfl larvae crawling on green fiber net one week of age ranging from 1/20th to 1/10th in length the size of a us quarter
  2. image of young bsfl showing segmented light-yellow exoskeleton, whisker-like breathing spiracles projecting from segments, hook-like mouth and black eyes
  3. images of BSF fly (a) gray-black puparium adjacent to (b) empty puparium shell left after emergence of (c) adult fly from puparium, and an adult fly
  4. adult black soldier fly landing and stretching its wings while calmly resting in the palm of a man's open hand
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Images posted on this website page show the relative size of newly born and very young BSF larvae relative to a US quarter, a high resolution view of young BSF larvae, their eyes (black dots), mouth, segmented exoskeleton, and symmetrically distributed whisker-like spiracles (breathing tubes) aligned on each segment section, a comparison of BSF puparium before (a) and after (b) an adult BSF (c) emerged from its puparium, and an adult BSF with wings folded behind its back while resting on the palm of a man's hand.

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